Milena Araujo

Milena (or Mih for the closest) is 24 years old and lives in Campina Grande - Brazil.

Purple and blue hair, probably taller than you and always trying to make you laugh - although, not always with success.

Already lived in France (Lyon and Antibes) and also in her bedroom, on her parent's house, twice.

I just graduated as a Computer Scientist at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande and currently doing all the best to pursue a Master's degree in the same field, same university. More specifically, I'm studying women participation on Q&A plataforms. I do all my research at the Distributed Systems Laboratory.

In my free time, I usually work as a front-end developer, alongside with my studies. More about my professional career can be found at linkedin and some coding examples at my github and google code accounts.

facebook, flickr, twitter, lastfm, wordpress, tumblr, instagram.

If anything, you can always reach me at my personal e-mail address or, if you prefer, my academic e-mail address. And I'm always online as "milena" on freenode